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Do Mattresses Affect Sleep Quality?

You may think it is fine to rest on any surface, but have you considered if your mattress affects your sleep quality? As sleep is essential for our health and affects how we operate daily it is vital that your sleep quality is as good as it can be so you can feel fresh and be ready to tackle the day. Mattresses are found to have positive and negative impacts on our sleep, with 83% of people in a Sleep Council survey stating that they believe their mattress affects the quality of their sleep.  In this article we will look into how mattresses affect our sleep quality, considering the positive and negative impacts that mattresses can have on our sleep.

Positive effects on sleep quality

The right mattress can improve quality of life

A quality mattress can transform your life by improving your sleep quality. With improved sleep quality your productivity, performance and memory will be enhanced leading to a better quality of life as you can make the most of your day and feel refreshed. From awareness to creativity, having a great night’s sleep can have a significant impact on how well you perform daily, as well as setting your mood for the day. Sleep deprivation can have a massive impact on many facets of our life, from disturbing circadian rhythm to weakening metabolism and influencing weight gain. So, by having the right mattress you can eliminate sleep deprivation from your life. A great night’s sleep will lower the chances of weight gain, along with improving your daily mood and enthusiasm so you can make the most of your life.

Mattresses can relieve aches and pains

When lying in the same position for a long time, mattresses can form pressure points by misaligning to your body. This can then leave you feeling sore with aching joints, which can lead to lower back pain, neck pain and hip pain. A good mattress will prevent pressure points from forming, in turn relieving aches and pains through the night. By providing your body with the right support, your mattress will ensure that you keep a healthy posture during your sleep. This will decrease the disturbances you face in the night, leading to your sleep quality improving by minimising chronic aches and pains.

Woman with back pain in bed

Comfortable mattresses can ease stress and anxiety

Recent studies have shown that sleeping on comfortable mattresses significantly lowers stress levels in healthy individuals. This is down to your mattress improving the quality of your sleep, which in hand decreases stress and anxiety levels, by lifting your mood and promoting calmness. As a good mattress also decreases back and neck pain, this will also have a positive effect on reducing your stress and anxiety levels. By choosing a mattress that fits your individual needs, you will create a healthy sleeping pattern whereas those getting inadequate sleep may experience elevated anxiety and tension. So, if you want to witness this positive effect on sleep quality, it is vital that you acquire a mattress that meets all of your requirements.

Negative effects on sleep quality

Mattresses can affect your allergies

If you have allergies you may have problems breathing when sleeping and this can disrupt your natural sleep cycle. When your mattress is not made from hypoallergenic fabric, your mattress is likely to have a negative effect on your sleep quality. If you have an old or worn-out mattress it may increase your allergy risk. If you have asthma or skin allergies your mattress could have a negative impact on your sleep quality, as old mattresses are the ideal space for dust mites which can trigger asthma and lead to dry skin. This can, therefore, disturb your sleep and mean that your sleep quality is significantly reduced. If you do suffer from any allergies, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing hypoallergenic mattresses or protectors and toppers to ensure that your allergies are under control at night.

Woman enjoying comfortable sleep in bed

Old mattresses can impact back pain

If you notice that your mattress is making creaking noises, this is a sign of poor support as your springs are wearing out. If left for too long this could lead to dull aches and pains throughout your sleep as your mattress will not be providing you with adequate support. When your weight is not properly supported, your natural spine alignment will be distorted, which as a result will cause the build-up of stress in the back and neck area. If you continue to use your mattress here aches and pains will continue to develop and persist. This will have a negative impact on your sleep quality as you will struggle to remain comfortable during the night, due to the lack of support from your mattress. So, if you suffer from back pain, you should consider whether your mattress is giving you the support you need, so you can save your sleep quality.

The heat of your mattress can disrupt your sleep

Getting too warm at night can affect how well you sleep. This problem is specifically associated with memory foam mattresses. Although memory foam is incredibly comfortable, it requires your body heat to mould around your silhouette, however, this heat stays trapped keeping you warm all night. This can end up being an uncomfortable experience, which disrupts your sleep. Modern memory foam mattresses have been remedied to avoid this problem, but if you still have an older type, this could have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. If heat is causing you issues you should ensure that this problem is not present when purchasing your next mattress.

Now you know how mattresses affect sleep quality, it is time to evaluate your mattress to see if it positively or negatively impacting your nightly sleep. If you are looking to purchase a new mattress or upgrade your bedding or toppers browse our exceptional collections here at Adjustable Beds. If you have any questions on our adjustable mattresses, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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